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def zope-photo-1.2.3::Photo::Photo::index_html (   self,
  display = None 

Return the image data.

Definition at line 300 of file Photo.py.

00300                                                          :
        """Return the image data."""

        # display may be set from a cookie (?)
        if display and self._displays.has_key(display):
            if not self._isGenerated(display):
                # Generate photo on-the-fly
                self._makeDisplayPhoto(display, 1)
                timeout = self.propertysheets.get('photoconf').getProperty('timeout')
                if timeout and self._photos[display]._age() > (timeout / 2):
                    self._expireDisplays((display,), timeout)
            # Return resized image
            return self._photos[display].index_html(REQUEST, RESPONSE)

        # Return original image
        return self._original.index_html(REQUEST, RESPONSE)

    security.declareProtected('Access contents information', 'nextPhoto')
    def nextPhoto(self):

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